Larry Palm
Larry Palm is a former City of Madison Alderperson for the North and Eastside.  

He currently is the Executive Chair of the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission and is a board member of the Madison Public Market Foundation.

In his free time, Larry enjoys technology, travel and spending time with his husband JD and corgi-sheltie Molly.
Thanks to Larry Palm and Marsha Rummel, we were able to navigate the system with ease and negotiate two new neigborhood off-leash parks. Larry has always been supportive of initiatives that increase quality of life.
Alexandra Aulisi, Eastside Dog Park Coalition Core Group Member
I've worked with Larry for nearly two decades in Madison Alternative programs helping students who are struggling with school. Larry is passionate about our students, school and community.
Dave Hoon, Eken Park resident
Larry helped us start our new community garden. With Larry's support, we were able to convert an old roadbed into garden plots that have produced tons of vegetables each year.
Sharon Bogert, Eken Park resident
Larry hosted a meeting about a difficult issue. He listened and was able to bring residents of different neighborhoods together to discuss their concerns and ultimately come together with a common purpose.
Denise Charkowski, Carpenter Ridgeway neigborhood

Alder Larry Palm has demonstrated a life-long commitment to Madison's LGBT community and Fair Wisconsin PAC believes that he will continue to be one of the strongest champions for LGBT equality on the Madison Common Council.

Fair Wisconsin Political Action Committee
"Alder Larry Palm understands the Northside. He has demonstrated the experience and skills to work with everyone to strengthen our community."
Paul Rusk, County Board Supervisor District 12
Larry understands the importance of public libraries and has worked hard to sustain them. His efforts have made a real difference in the health of the Madison Public Library system.
Tripp Widder, Madison Public Library Board
We had speeding traffic on one of our neighborhood streets. Larry talked to us about the Neighborhood Traffic Program and followed-up with a letter to all residents in the area so they understood before they signed a petition.
Jim Wold, Eken Park neighborhood